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Important information

PRO-plast is an independent company and does not carry out any marketing or distribution for producers of raw materials.

Trade mark names/protected trade names

The trade mark names listed are normally protected trade names of the respective raw material manufacturers and therefore their property. PRO-plast® and TT-Compound® are property of PRO-plast Kunststoff GmbH.

Trade mark names/protected trade names in connection with regranulate/repro

Trade mark names and type designations used by us in connection with regranulate/repro provide information about the origin of the material. In this way, we inform our customers about which starting material a recycling material has been produced from.

Color numbers in the case of recycling materials

If, in the case of recycling materials, we mention the color number of the original virgin material, this is again to provide information about the origin of the recycling material. We thus provide guidance about the approximate shade. The shade of plastics may change as a result of the processing and/or recycling process and may be slightly different from the shade of the original product. For example: RP/regranulate XYZ “ex grey 07/349“ means that the starting color for this regranulate before the first processing was “grey 07/349“. The original shade may have slightly changed as a result of the processing/preparation process.


RAL color index is based on appearance. Thus inaccuracies are unavoidable. Should RAL color numbers be taken as reference, then they should be viewed solely as indicators. The degree to which the RAL index correlates to the material being considered, under all light conditions, should be determined by the processor himself/herself.

General rule for virgin material and regranulate
Should a specific color tone be required, samples should be requested for processing trials!

Suitability, Use, Composition

All comments relating to suitability, use and composition should be viewed as indicators. Detailed technical support is available from the literature of the relevant material supplier.

Virgin material

Raw materials offered in the catalogue or on the Surplus Exchange are categorized with the utmost care and allocated to their corresponding raw material group. When one considers the multitude of products available on the market, inaccuracies during this allocation are unavoidable. Numerous references are made to the fact that, in many cases, the virgin material on offer is no longer “fresh from production”. Formulations may well have changed since the product was manufactured. Thus the processing and usage of surplus materials requires increased care and attention, and, if need be, intensive pre-drying.


Potential applications for regranulate with a notification of origin can be determined from those of the virgin material. However, the same level of properties as those found in virgin material cannot be guaranteed. It should be noted that thermoplastic moulding compounds can become “degraded” after multiple melts, and thus lose some of their properties. It should also be noted that the technical values of a regranulate can vary by a greater degree than with virgin material, and values from lot to lot can differ greatly. Before using regranulate, we therefore advise that particularly stringent processing and suitability controls be carried out, and that additional quality control measures be implemented during processing. This is particularly the case should the regranulate be used partially or entirely as a replacement of virgin material.

Test certificates/Material data sheets

Virgin material

Virgin materials offered on the exchange are, in the most cases, individual items/lots in their original packaging sourced from polymer processors. Test certificates for these materials are not always available. In general they are of A1 quality. This means the products met their specifications at the time of their production.


Quality certificates can be provided for most regranulates, depending on quantity and agreement. Material data sheets can be requested from the raw material producers.

Availability/additional supplies

Most materials offered on the exchange are individual lots, of which there are either limited or no additional supplies.

Important notice

The preceding information, as well as all other information and advice provided either directly or indirectly in electronic, written or oral form, is provided to the best of our knowledge at that point in time. They should be viewed as reference without obligation, also with regards to the legal rights of third parties. The onus remains on the purchaser to carry out his/her own verifications. Moreover, the selection, processing and usage of the raw materials remain the responsibility of the customer.


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