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Abbreviations/comments and additional information used in material offers

Physical form as supplied/qualities

OR = virgin raw material, original branded OR-NT = virgin raw material in off-spec/off-grade quality TT = TT Compound® (wide spec)
RP = regranulate/reprocessed material EX = for RP/regranulates  

Reinforcing/filling materials

GF glass fibre LGF long glass fibre GK glass beads CF carbob fibre
AR aramid MF mineral TV talc  

Impact resistance, hardness, flexibility

A Shore hardness A D Shore hardness D sz/hsz tough/super tough

Stabilization/special modifications

AS anti static EC conductive FR flame retardant GL electroplatable
HH heat stabilized UV UV stabilized V0/V1/V2 flame retardant (UL-94)  

Flow characteristics/viscosity

MFI Melt Flow Index MFR Melt Flow Rate MVI Melt-Volume-Index MVR Melt-Volume-Rate


RAL German color standard

Further information:
OR = Mainly originally packed, with label and lot number, e.g. Makrolon 2805, Noryl GFN2, Ultramid A3K, Zytel ST801
ORNT = Material which does not correspond completely with the producers specification, packaging original or plain
TT = PRO-plast brand for low cost, compounded materials in reproducible quality, e.g. TT Compound® POM TF15, TT Compound® PC GF30
RP = PRO-plast regranulates are normally based on regrind of the first processing stage or virgin materials such as blackened, colored surplus materials, e.g. regranulate ex Ultramid A3K black 464
EX = The regranulate was obtained from regrind and/or virgin material of the specified trade name/grade.

Order policies:

Terms and conditions

We supply only according to our General Sale and Supply Conditions.

Prices/Pricing term

All prices are daily prices. We reserve the right for short-term price changes. The indicated prices are valid for the purchase of the entire lot. For the case we stock more than 1000 kg of one lot, the indicated price is valid for 1000 kg. Price for greater lots (more than 1000 kg) on request.

Partial quantity surcharge:

If you wish to purchase a partial quantity of the entire lot, the following additional charges apply:

25 -

50 kg


1,00 €/kg

51 - 100 kg   0,50 €/kg
101 - 250 kg   0,20 €/kg
251 - 500 kg   0,15 €/kg
501 - 999 kg   0,10 €/kg
as of 1000 kg   no additional charge


For quantities up to 1000kg we charge Freight costs. Quantities over 1000kg are delivered carriage paid point of destination Germany/free German border. In order to achieve an order of 1000 kg, several articles can be grouped in one order (only possible when the goods can be supplied from one warehouse). Should you pick up lots of over 1000 kg yourself, we will reimburse our invalid freight cost.


Our offers are subject to confirmation in respect of quantity and price, and subject to the goods being unsold. The majority of articles are in stock at the time of publication on the web, and can thus be supplied promptly. However, as we are dealing with unique lots, ability to supply to the specified amount is limited! Goods denoted “Enq.” have conditional availability; quantities and prices are on request.

Test certificates

Test certificates are on limited availability. In many cases we can provide so-called quality declarations as an alternative.


  • New every 3 months
  • Free of charge
  • Approx. 3.000 raw material lots