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On today's surplus exchange: 1772 different lots

The content of this database has been created to the best of our knowledge and is maintained by PRO-plast Kunststoff GmbH. The contents of this database are protected by copyright. Any use for personal purposes requires the prior consent of PRO-plast Kunststoff GmbH. Descriptions contained carry no guarantee of completeness, currency or accuracy. We reserve the right to mistakes. We appreciate any supplementary or amendatory comments.

Trade name Manufacturer Distributor Class
Abistir So.F.Ter Bigler A B S
Aceso Total Petrochemicals Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PP
Acrylite Cyro z.Zt. nicht bek. PMMA
Acryrex Chi Mei Biesterfeld PMMA
Acryrex Chi Mei Westensee+Partner PMMA
Acrystex Chi Mei Westensee+Partner SMMA
Acrystex Chi Mei Biesterfeld PMMA
Acudel Solvay Specialty Polymers z.Zt. nicht bek. PPSU
Addilene Addiplast Addiplast PP Compounds
Addinyl Addiplast Addiplast PA
Adflex LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Adflex LyondellBasell Chemie-Plast PP
Adstif LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Adstif LyondellBasell Albis PP
Adstif LyondellBasell Chemie-Plast PP
Adsyl LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Affinity DOW Nexeo Solutions Metallocene
Affinity DOW Resinex Metallocene
Akrolen Akro Feddersen PP Compounds
Akromid Akro Feddersen PA
Akulon DSM Ter Plastics PA
Akulon DSM Nexeo Solutions PA
Alamid Brenntag Brenntag PA
Alamid D Brenntag Brenntag PA
Alastian LyondellBasell Alastian PE
Alastian LyondellBasell Alastian PP
Alathon Equistar Alphamin PE
Alcom Albis Albis versch. Thermoplaste
Alcryn LyondellBasell Schulman TPE
Alcudia Repsol YPF Repsol PE
Alcudia Repsol YPF Megapolymers PE
Alfater Albis Albis PP+EPDM
Algoflon Solvay Specialty Polymers Solvay Specialty Polymers Fluorpolymere
Allruna Allod Allod TPE
Alphamid Putsch Putsch PA
Altech Albis Albis versch. Thermoplaste
Altech NXT PP Albis Albis PP Compounds
Altuglas Altuglas Chemie-Plast PMMA
Altuglas Altuglas Resinex PMMA
Altuglas Altuglas Bigler PMMA
Amilus Toray Toray POM
Amodel Solvay Specialty Polymers Albis PPA
Anjablend A almaak international almaak international PC/ABS
Anjablend B almaak international almaak international PC/PBT
Anjacryl almaak international almaak international PMMA
Anjadur almaak international almaak international PBT
Anjaform almaak international almaak international POM
Anjalin almaak international almaak international ABS
Anjalon almaak international almaak international PC
Anjamid almaak international almaak international PA
Apec Covestro Albis PC-HT
Apiflex API z.Zt. nicht bek. PVC
Apigo API Schulman TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Apizero API Schulman PE-EVA
Aquaforce Brenntag Brenntag PA66
Aquamid Aquafil AquafilPolymers PA
Aquamid Aquafil Polymer Service PA
Arboblend Tecnaro Albis Bio-Polymer
Arbofill Tecnaro Albis versch. Compounds
Arboform Tecnaro Albis Bio-Polymer
Ardel Westlake z.Zt. nicht bek. PAR
Arlen Mitsui Chemicals z.Zt. nicht bek. PA
Arloy Arco z.Zt. nicht bek. SMA
Arnite DSM Nexeo Solutions PBT
Arnite DSM Nexeo Solutions PET
Arnite A DSM Ter Plastics PET
Arnite T DSM Ter Plastics PBT
Arnitel DSM Nexeo Solutions TPE-E (Polyether/ester)
Arnitel DSM Ter Plastics TPE-E (Polyether/ester)
Asaflex Asahi-Kasei z.Zt. nicht bek. PS-Copo
Astrel 3M z.Zt. nicht bek. PAR
Astryn LyondellBasell Resinex PP Compounds
Atofina Total Petrochemicals CHG Chemiehandelsg. PP
Atofina Total Petrochemicals Ter Plastics PP
Attane DOW Resinex PE
Avalon Huntsman z.Zt. nicht bek. TPU
Avaspire Solvay Specialty Polymers Solvay Specialty Polymers PEEK
Badadur Bada Plast Bada Plast PBT
Badadur Bada MLPlastics PBT
Badaflex Bada Plast Bada Plast TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Badalac Bada MLPlastics ABS
Badamid Bada Plast Bada Plast PA
Badamid Bada MLPlastics PA
Badatron Bada MLPlastics PPS
Barex Barex Resins z.Zt. nicht bek. Acrylnitril
Bayblend Covestro Albis PC/ABS
Beetle BIP Chem-Polymer Intrec Polymers GmbH PA
Benvic Solvay Benvic z.Zt. nicht bek. PVC
Bergadur PolyOne/Bergmann PolyOne/Bergmann PBT
Bergaflex PolyOne/Bergmann PolyOne/Bergmann TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Bergaform PolyOne/Bergmann PolyOne/Bergmann POM
Bergamid PolyOne/Bergmann PolyOne/Bergmann PA
Bio-Flex FKuR Kunststoff GmbH FKuR Kunststoff GmbH Bio-Polymer
Biograde FKuR Kunststoff GmbH FKuR Kunststoff GmbH Bio-Polymer
Biopar BIOP Biopolymer Technologies AG BIOP Biopolymer Technologies AG Bio-Polymer
Borcom Borealis Nexeo Solutions PP Compounds
Borealis PE Borealis Nexeo Solutions PE
Borealis PE Borealis Sirmax PE
Borealis PP Borealis Nexeo Solutions PP
Borealis PP Borealis Sirmax PP
Bormod Borealis Sirmax PP
Borpact Borealis Nexeo Solutions PP
Borpact Borealis Sirmax PP
Borpure Borealis Nexeo Solutions HDPE
Borpure Borealis Nexeo Solutions PP
Borstar Borealis Nexeo Solutions PE
Borstar Borealis Sirmax PE
Bralen Slovnaft TVK-Interchemol PE
Braskem EVA Braskem Schmidt Kunststoff EVA
Braskem PE Braskem Schmidt Kunststoff PE
Braskem PP Braskem Resinex PP
Braskem PP Braskem Schmidt Kunsstoffe PP
Cabelec Cabot Biesterfeld versch. elektr. leitf. Compounds
Cabelec Cabot CHG Chemiehandelsg. versch. elektr. leitf. Compounds
Calibre Styron Nexeo Solutions PC
Calibre Styron Resinex PC
Capron BASF Megapolymers PA
Carbotex Kotec Goldmann PC
Carbotex Kotec Multi Kunststoff PC
Cawiton Wittenburg Brenntag TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Celanex Celanese Feddersen PBT
Celanyl Celanese Feddersen PA
Celanyl XT Celanese Feddersen PPA
Celcon Celanese Feddersen POM
Cellidor Albis Albis CB
Cellidor Albis Albis CP
Cellolux LA/ES Optistyle GmbH CA
Celstran Celanese Feddersen versch. Lang-GF Compounds
Centrex Lanxess Lanxess ASA
Cevian Daicel z.Zt. nicht bek. ABS
Cevian Daicel z.Zt. nicht bek. SAN
Clearflex Versalis S.p.A Ter Plastics PE
Clyrell LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Clyrell LyondellBasell Albis PP
Clyrell LyondellBasell Chemie-Plast PP
Colorcomp LNP Xifa versch. Thermoplaste
Colorcomp LNP Grässlin versch. Thermoplaste
ComAlloy Schulman Schulman versch. Thermoplaste
Compel Celanese Feddersen versch. Lang-GF Compounds
Compostables Cereplast Schulman Bio-Polymer
Copel Colo NordmanRassmann versch. Lang-GF Compounds
Crastin DuPont Biesterfeld PBT
Crastin DuPont Biesterfeld PET
Cristamid Arkema Arkema PA12
Cycolac Sabic Grässlin ABS
Cycolac Sabic Xifa ABS
Cycoloy Sabic Grässlin PC/ABS
Cycoloy Sabic Xifa PC/ABS
Cyrex Cyro z.Zt. nicht bek. PMMA/PC
Cyrolite Evonik Ter Plastics MBS
Cyrolite Evonik Brenntag MBS
Cytra Sabic Grässlin ABS/PBT
Cytra Sabic Xifa ABS/PBT
DafneLac Nord Color Polymer Service ABS
Danamid Zoltek z.Zt. nicht bek. PA6
Daplen Borealis Nexeo Solutions PP
Degalan Evonik Ter Plastics PMMA
Delrin DuPont Biesterfeld POM
Desmopan Covestro Albis TPU
Desmovit Covestro/Geba geba Kunststoffcompounds TPU
Dexel Acordis Albis CA
Diakon Lucite Albis PMMA
DIC PBT Dai Nippon Japan DIC Europe GmbH PBT
DIC PPS Dai Nippon Japan DIC Europe GmbH PPS
Dinalen Dioki Sellcon-polymers PE
Dinalon Grupo Repol z.Zt. nicht bek. PA
Doki Dioki Sellcon-Polymers PS/PS-SB
Domamid Domo Engineering Plastics MLPlastics PA
Domamid Domo Engineering Plastics Polymer Service PA
Domamid Domo Domo Caproleuna PA
Domamid Domo Engineering Plastics Ultrapolymers PA
Domolen Domo Domo Caproleuna PP
Domolen Domo Kunststoffexpress Handel PP
Dowlex DOW Resinex PE
Dryflex Müller Kunststoffe MLPlastics TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Dryflex Müller Kunststoffe MLPlastics TPE
Dryflex Müller Kunststoffe MLPlastics PP+EPDM
Dryflex Elasto Müller Kunststoffe TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Dryflex VTC Feddersen TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Duracon Polyplastics Ter Plastics POM
Durafide Polyplastics Ter Plastics PPS
Duranex Polyplastics z.Zt. nicht bek. PBT
Duranex Polyplastics z.Zt. nicht bek. PBT
Durastar Eastman z.Zt. nicht bek. PCTA
Durethan Lanxess Albis PA
Durolon Policarbonatos do Brasil Goldmann PC
Durolux LA/ES Optistyle GmbH PC/ABS
Dyflor Evonik (ehem. Degussa) Evonik (ehem. Degussa) Fluorpolymere
Dylark Nova Chemicals Biesterfeld SMA
Dyneon 3M-Dyneon Dyneon Fluorpolymere
Eastalloy Eastman z.Zt. nicht bek. versch. Thermoplaste
Eastapak Eastman z.Zt. nicht bek. PET
Eastar Eastman z.Zt. nicht bek. versch. Thermoplaste
Eastar Eastman z.Zt. nicht bek. versch. Thermoplaste
Eastar Eastman Albis versch. Thermoplaste
Eastlon FENC Gruppe FKuR Kunststoff GmbH Bio-Polymer
Ecoflex BASF BASF Bio-Polymer
Ecoform Aquafil AquafilPolymers POM
Ecomid Euronil Nilit PA66
Econamid Domo Engineering Plastics MLPlastics PA
Econamid Domo Engineering Plastics Polymer Service PA
Econyl Aquafil AquafilPolymers PA
Econyl Aquafil Ultrapolymers PA
Ecotran Initz Schulman PPS
Edgetec Bergmann/Polyone z.Zt. nicht bek. versch. Thermoplaste
Edistir Polimeri Baltic PS/PS-SB
El-Lene SCG Chemicals Schulman PE
Elan Putsch Putsch PP Compounds
Elastex Westensee+Partner Westensee+Partner TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Elastollan BASF Polyurethanes Biesterfeld TPU
Elastoprene Elastorsa z.Zt. nicht bek. PP+EPDM
Elastron Elastron Elastron TPE
Elite DOW Resinex Metallocene
Elix ABS Elix Nexeo Solutions ABS
Elix ABS Elix Polymers Schulman ABS
Elix SAN Elix Polymers Schulman SAN
Eltex Ineos Polyolefins Schulman PE
Eltex Ineos Polyolefins Schulman PP
Eltex Ineos Polyolefins Biesterfeld PE
Elvaloy DOW P&SP Safic-Alcan PE-Copo
Elvax Dow P&SP Safic-Alcan PE-EVA
Emerge Styron Resinex PC/ABS
Empera Ineos Styrolution Biesterfeld PS/PS-SB
Empera Ineos Styrolution Ultrapolymers PS/PS-SB
Enduran Sabic Grässlin PBT
Enduran Sabic Grässlin PC
Enduran Sabic Xifa PBT
Enduran Sabic Xifa PC
Enflex Enplast Ultrapolymers TPE
Enflex Enplast Ultrapolymers PP-EPDM
Engage DuPont-DOW-Elastomer Omya GmbH TPE
Engage DuPont-DOW-Elastomer Resinex TPE
Ensoft Enplast Ultrapolymers TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Eraclene Polimeri TerHell PE
Escorene Exxon Mobil Schulman PE
Escorene Ultra Exxon Mobil Schulman PE-EVA
Estaloc Noveon z.Zt. nicht bek. TPU
Estane Noveon z.Zt. nicht bek. TPU
Eurolen Neopolymer AG z.Zt. nicht bek. TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Europrene Polimeri z.Zt. nicht bek. TPE
Evatane Arkema Chemie-Plast EVA
Evoprene AlphaGary (Evode) Albis TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Exatec Exatec (JV Covestro+GE) z.Zt. nicht bek. PC
Exceed Exxon Mobil Schulman Metallocene
Extir Polimeri Tekuma EPS
Exxon Exxon Mobil z.Zt. nicht bek. PP
Exxon Exxon Mobil Schulman PE
Exxtral Exxon Mobil Biesterfeld PP
Factor Celanese Feddersen PP Compounds
Faradex LNP Xifa versch. elektr. leitf. Compounds
Faradex LNP Grässlin versch. elektr. leitf. Compounds
Fibremod Borealis Nexeo Solutions PP Compounds
Fibrolon FKuR Kunststoff GmbH FKuR Kunststoff GmbH Bio-Polymer
Finacene Total Petrochemicals Total Petrochemicals Metallocene
Finaclear Total Petrochemicals Total Petrochemicals PS/PS-SB
Finaclear Total Petrochemicals CHG Chemiehandelsg. PS/PS-SB
Finaclear Total Petrochemicals Schulman PS/PS-SB
Finalloy Total Petrochemicals Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PP
Finapro Total Petrochemicals Ter Plastics PP
Finathene Total Petrochemicals Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PE
Flexaren Innospec z.Zt. nicht bek. PE-EVA
Flexirene Versalis S.p.A Ter Plastics PE
Fluon Asahi-Glass Marubeni Fluorpolymere
Forflex So.F.Ter Polymer Service PP+EPDM
Formocon Formosa Plastics Goldmann POM
Formocon Formosa Plastics Westensee+Partner POM
Formocon Formosa Plastics Multi Kunststoff POM
Formocon Formosa Plastics Baltic POM
Formula P Putsch Putsch PP Compounds
Forprene So.F.Ter Polymer Service PP+EPDM
Forsan Kaucuk z.Zt. nicht bek. ABS
Fortilene BP-Amoco Bamberger Polymers PP
Fortron Celanese Feddersen PPS
Franprene Franplast Ter Plastics TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Frianyl Celanese Celanese PA
G-Blend Gardiner Compounds z.Zt. nicht bek. PC/ABS
Gafone Gharda Lati PSU, PES, PPSU
Gatone Gharda Lati PEEK
Gebablend geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PC-Blends
Gebabs geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds ABS
Gebacryl geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PMMA
Gebadur geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PBT
Gebadur A geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PBT/ASA
Gebafluor geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds Fluorpolymere
Gebaform-C geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds POM
Gebafrom-H geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds POM
Gebalon geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PC
Gebamid geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PA
Gebamid 11 Geba Geba PA11
Gebamid 12 Geba Geba PA12
Gebamid 4.6 Geba Geba PA 4.6
Gebamid T geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PPA
Gebaplast geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PLA
Gebaran geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds ASA
Gebaryl geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PPO
Gebasan geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds SAN
Gebason geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PES
Gebason HP geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PSU
Gebason S geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PPS
Gebason U geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PPSU
Gebatech E geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PEEK
Gebatech L geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds LCP
Gebatech U geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds PES
Gebatrell geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds TPE
Gebatron geba Kunststoffcompounds geba Kunststoffcompounds Fluorpolymere
Geloy Sabic Grässlin ASA
Geloy Sabic Grässlin ASA/PC
Geloy Sabic Xifa ASA
Geloy Sabic Xifa ASA/PC
Genestar Kuraray Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PA9T
Genius Selenis Nexeo Solutions PETG
Geolast AES/Exxon Biesterfeld TPE
Godiflex Godiplast Godiplast TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Greenflex Versalis S.p.A Ter Plastics PE-EVA
Greenline EMS DK Kunststoff-Service PA
Grilamid EMS DK Kunststoff-Service PA12
Grilamid EMS VTS PA12
Grilamid EMS Barlog PA12
Grilamid EMS Chemie-Plast PA12
Grilon EMS DK Kunststoff-Service PA
Grilon EMS Barlog PA
Grilon EMS Chemie-Plast PA
Grilpet EMS Barlog PBT/PET
Grivory EMS DK Kunststoff-Service PA
Grivory EMS VTS PA
Grivory EMS Barlog PA
Grivory EMS Chemie-Plast PA
GUR Celanese Feddersen PE
Haiplen Bakelite AG Bakelite AG PP Compounds
Halar Solvay Specialty Polymers Schulman Fluorpolymere
Halon Solvay-Solexis Solvay-Solexis Fluorpolymere
Heraflex Radici Bigler TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Heraflex P Softer Softer TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Heramid Radici Bigler PA
Hifax LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Hifax LyondellBasell Feddersen PP
Hifax LyondellBasell Chemie-Plast PP
Higran LyondellBasell Albis PP
Hiprolon Arkema Bigler PA
Hostacom LyondellBasell Feddersen PP Compounds
Hostaform Celanese Feddersen POM
Hostalen LyondellBasell Albis PE
Hostalen LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PE
Hostalen LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Hostalen GUR Ticona Feddersen PE-UHMW
Huntsman Huntsman z.Zt. nicht bek. PE
Huntsman Huntsman z.Zt. nicht bek. PP
Hybrid Resins Cereplast Schulman Bio-Polymer
Hyflon Solvay Specialty Polymers Schulman Fluorpolymere
Hylar Solvay Specialty Polymers Schulman Fluorpolymere
Hylene DuPont z.Zt. nicht bek. TPE
Hytrel DuPont Biesterfeld TPE-E (Polyether/ester)
I’m green Braskem FKuR Kunststoff GmbH Bio-Polymer
Impet Celanese Feddersen PET
Ineos LDPE Ineos Polyolefins Biesterfeld PE
Ineos LLDPE Ineos Polyolefins Biesterfeld PE
Innovex Innovene (BP) Biesterfeld PE
Inspire Styron Resinex PP Compounds
Inspire Styron Nexeo Solutions PP Compounds
Iotek Exxon Mobil Schulman PE
Irogran Huntsman Chemie-Plast TPU
Isoblend Sirmax Sirmax PC/ABS
Isoclear Sirmax Sirmax PC
Isodur Sirmax Sirmax PBT
Isofil Sirmax Sirmax PP Compounds
Isoform Sirmax Sirmax POM
Isoglass Sirmax Sirmax PP Compounds
Isoglass Sirmax Sirmax PP Compounds
Isolac Sabic Grässlin ABS
Isolac Sabic Xifa ABS
Isonyl Sirmax Sirmax PA
Isopak Greco Bigler ABS
Isopak Greco Bigler PC/ABS
Isopak Greco Bigler ASA
Isoplast DOW Nexeo Solutions TPU
Isoplast DOW Resinex TPU
Isoplen Sirmax Sirmax PP
Isoryl Sirmax Sirmax PPO
Isosan Greco Bigler SAN
Isotal Sabic Grässlin POM
Isotal Sabic Xifa POM
Isoter Sirmax Sirmax ABS
Isothane Greco Bigler TPU
Isplen Repsol YPF Megapolymers PP
Iupilon Mitsubishi Tekuma PC
Ixef Solvay Specialty Polymers Schulman PAR
Jupilon Mitsubishi Tekuma PC
Jupital Mitsubishi Nexeo Solutions POM
K-Resin CP Chem (Chevron-Phillips) Ter Plastics PS-Copo
K-Resin CP Chem (Chevron-Phillips) Biesterfeld PS-Copo
Kadel Solvay Specialty Polymers Solvay Specialty Polymers PEEK
Kaifa Beijing z.Zt. nicht bek. PBT
Karilen-E MCT PolyGate TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Karilen-E MCT Systec GmbH TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Karilen-P MCT PolyGate PP Compounds
Karilen-P MCT Systec GmbH PP Compounds
Kebaflex Barlog Barlog TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Kebaform Barlog Barlog POM
Kebater Barlog Barlog PBT
Kebater Barlog Barlog PET
Kelburon DSM/Sabic Stamylan GmbH PP
Kelburon DSM/Sabic Pio PP
Kelon Lati Lati PA
Keltan DSM/Sabic Stamylan GmbH PP+EPDM
Keltan DSM/Sabic Pio PP+EPDM
Kematal Celanese Celanese POM
Kepital KEP Tekuma POM
Kepital KEP Erbslöh POM
Kepital KEP Janshen Distribution GmbH POM
Kepstan Arkema z.Zt. nicht bek. PEKK
KetaSpire Solvay Specialty Polymers Solvay Specialty Polymers PEEK
KetaSpire Solvay Specialty Polymers Bigler PEEK
Keyflex LG Chemical Polymer Service TPC-ET
Keyflex LG Chemical Resinex TPE
Kialen Kimmel GmbH Kimmel GmbH PP
Kiamid Kimmel GmbH Kimmel GmbH PA
Kiamid Kimmel GmbH Kimmel GmbH PA
Kibilac Chi Mei Westensee+Partner ASA
Kibisan Chi Mei Biesterfeld SAN
Kibisan Chi Mei Westensee+Partner SAN
Kibisan Chi Mei z.Zt. nicht bek. SAN
Kibiton Chi Mei Biesterfeld TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Kibiton Chi Mei Westensee+Partner TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Kibiton Chi Mei Westensee+Partner PS-Copo
Koblend Polimeri Polimeri PC/ABS
Koblend Polimeri Polimeri PS/PE
Kocetal KTP Resinex POM
Kocetal KTP Megapolymers POM
Kocetal KTP Westensee+Partner POM
Kopel Kolon Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH TPE-E (Polyether/ester)
Kopel Kolon Westensee+Partner TPE-E (Polyether/ester)
Kopet Kolon NordmanRassmann PET
Kostil Polimeri Ter Plastics SAN
Kostil Polimeri Tekuma SAN
Kostil Polimeri Megapolymers SAN
Kostil Polimeri Baltic SAN
Kotec Kotec Corp. H.M. Plastic PC
Kralastic Nippon A&L z.Zt. nicht bek. ABS
Krasten Kaucuk z.Zt. nicht bek. PS/PS-SB
Kraton Kraton Polymers NordmanRassmann TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Kumho Kumho Chemicals Korea z.Zt. nicht bek. ABS
Kumho ABS Kumho Nexeo Solutions ABS
Kumho PS Kumho Nexeo Solutions PS
Kumho SAN Kumho Nexeo Solutions SAN
Kynar Arkema Bigler Fluorpolymere
KynarFlex Arkema Bigler Fluorpolymere
Ladene Sabic Goldmann PP
Ladene Sabic Goldmann PE
Lamide Lamplast Lamplast PA
Laprene So.F.Ter Polymer Service TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Laril Lati Lati PPO
Laripur Coim spa KF Polymers TPU
Larton Lati Lati PPS
Lastane Lati Lati TPU
Lastil Lati Lati SAN
Lastilac Lati Lati ABS
Lasulf Lati Lati PS/PS-SB
Latamid Lati Lati PA
Latan Lati Lati POM
Latene Lati Lati PP
Latilon Lati Lati PC
Leona Asahi-Kasei Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PA66
Leona 90G Asahi Kasei Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PA66/6I
Levblend Covestro Viverso PC/ABS
Lexan Sabic Grässlin PC
Lexan Sabic Xifa PC
LG ... LG Chemical Feddersen versch. Thermoplaste
LG ... LG Chemical Goldmann versch. Thermoplaste
LG ... LG Chemical Multi Kunststoff versch. Thermoplaste
LG ... LG Chemical LG Chemical versch. Thermoplaste
LG ... LG Chemical Biesterfeld versch. Thermoplaste
LG ... LG Chemical Polyma Kunststoffe versch. Thermoplaste
Lifoflex Müller Kunststoffe MLPlastics TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Lifoflex Müller Kunststoffe MLPlastics TPE
Lifoflex Müller Kunststoffe MLPlastics PP+EPDM
Lifoprene Müller Kunststoffe MLPlastics TPU
Listac Godiplast Godiplast ASA
Liten Chemopetrol Unipetrol PE
Lotader Arkema Chemie-Plast EAMA
Lotrene QAPCO (Qatar Petrochemical Ltd.) z.Zt. nicht bek. PE
Lotryl Arkema Chemie-Plast EBA/EMA
Lubri-Tech PolyOne/Bergmann PolyOne/Bergmann versch. Thermoplaste
Lubricomp LNP Xifa versch. Thermoplaste
Lubricomp LNP Grässlin versch. Thermoplaste
Lubriloy LNP Xifa versch. Thermoplaste
Lubriloy LNP Grässlin versch. Thermoplaste
Lucalen LyondellBasell Albis EA-Copo/Haftvermittler
Lucalen LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers EA-Copo/Haftvermittler
Lucel LG Chemical Polymer Service POM
Lucel LG Chemical Polyma Kunststoffe POM
Lucel LG Chemical z.Zt. nicht bek. POM
Lucite Lucite Tennants PMMA
Lucky LG Chemical z.Zt. nicht bek. ABS
Lucky LG Chemical z.Zt. nicht bek. SAN
Lucky LG Chemical z.Zt. nicht bek. ASA
Lucobit Lucobit TPE
Lucofin Lucobit PE
Lucolit Lucobit TPE
Lucopren Lucobit TPE
Lucryl Lucite Albis PMMA
Luflexen LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PE
Lumicene Total Petrochemicals Ter Plastics PP
Lumicene PE Total Petrochemicals Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PE
Lumicene PP Total Petrochemicals Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PP
Lumid LG Chemical Polyma Kunststoffe PA
Lumiloy LG Chemical Resinex mPPO
Lupolen LyondellBasell Albis PE
Lupolen LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PE
Lupolex LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PE
Lupox LG Chemical Resinex PBT
Lupox LG Chemical Polymer Service PBT
Lupox LG Chemical Polyma Kunststoffe PBT
Lupoy LG Chemical Goldmann PC/ABS
Lupoy LG Chemical Polyma Kunststoffe PC/ABS
Lupoy LG Chemical Polyma Kunststoffe PC
Lupoy LG Chemical Goldmann PC
Lupoy LG Chemical Biesterfeld PC/ABS
Lupoy LG Chemical Biesterfeld PC
Luran Ineos Styrolution Albis SAN
Luran S Ineos Styrolution Albis ASA
Luran S Ineos Styrolution Albis PC/ASA
Luranyl Romira Albis PPE+PS-I
Luranyl Romira Romira PPE+PS-I
Luranyl Romira Romira PPE+PA
Luranyl Romira Albis PPE+PA
Lustran Ineos z.Zt. nicht bek. SAN
Lustran Ineos z.Zt. nicht bek. ABS
Lustran Styrolution Albis SAN
Lutene LG Chemical Biesterfeld PE
Lutene LG Chemical Multi Kunststoff PE
Luvocom Lehmann & Voss Lehmann & Voss versch. Thermoplaste
Mablex Ravago Resinex PC/ABS
Macolen FKuR Polymers GmbH FKuR Polymers GmbH PE
Macolen FKuR Polymers GmbH FKuR Polymers GmbH PP
Macoprene FKuR Polymers GmbH FKuR Polymers GmbH TPE-S, SBS, SEBS, SEPS
Mafill Ravago Resinex PP Compounds
Magnum Styron Nexeo Solutions ABS
Magnum Styron Resinex ABS
Makaflex Maurer Maurer PC
Makaform Maurer Maurer POM
Makamid Maurer Maurer PA
Makroblend Covestro Covestro PC-Blends
Makrolon Covestro Albis PC
Marfran Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Marfran VTC Polyma Kunststoffe TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Marlex CP Chem Ter Plastics PE
Marlon PolyGate PolyGate PA
Maxxam PolyOne PolyOne/Bergmann PP Compounds
Mediprene Elasto Müller Kunststoffe TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Megablend Mega Polymers z.Zt. nicht bek. PC/ABS
Megaform Mega Polymers Mega Polymers POM
Megalac Mega Polymers Mega Polymers ABS
Megalon Mega Polymers Mega Polymers PC
Megamid Mega Polymers Mega Polymers PA
Megaprop Mega Polymers Mega Polymers PP
Megol API Schulman TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Meldin Saint-Gobain Bieglo GmbH PI
Metocene LyondellBasell Albis PP
Metocene LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Milastomer Mitsui Mitsui PP-EPDM
Mindel Solvay Specialty Polymers Biesterfeld PSU
Minlon DuPont Biesterfeld PA
Miramid BASF Leuna GmbH BASF Leuna GmbH PA
Miravithen Leuna Feddersen PE-EVA
Miravithen Leuna Krahn-Chemie PE-EVA
Mirel Metabolix Feddersen Bio-Polymer
Moplen LyondellBasell Albis PP
Moplen LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Moplen LyondellBasell Chemie-Plast PP
Mosten Chemopetrol Unipetrol PP
Multiflex Multibase DK Kunststoff-Service TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Multiflex Multibase DK Kunststoff-Service PP+EPDM
Multiflex TPE Multibase Omya GmbH TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Multiflex TPO Multibase Omya GmbH PP+EPDM
Multilon Teijin z.Zt. nicht bek. PC/ABS
Multilon Teijin Feddersen PC/ABS
Multiprene Multibase Omya GmbH PP-EPDM
Multipro Multibase Omya GmbH PP Compounds
Multipro Multibase DK Kunststoff-Service PP Compounds
Mvera Metabolix Feddersen Bio-Polymer
NAS Ineos Styrolution Ultrapolymers SMMA
NatureGran Livemold Ter Plastics PLA
Neoflon Daikin Daikin Europe Fluorpolymere
Niblend Soredi Tekuma PC/ABS
Nilac Soredi z.Zt. nicht bek. ABS
Nilamid Celanese Celanese PA
Nilene Taro Polymer Service PP Compounds
Niplene Soredi Tekuma PP
Niretan Soredi Tekuma PA
Nirion Soredi z.Zt. nicht bek. PC
Nivionplast So.F.Ter Chemie-Plast PA
Nopla Kolon NordmanRassmann PEN-PET Copo
Norfor So.F.Ter Bigler PPO
Noryl Sabic Grässlin PPO
Noryl Sabic Xifa PPO
Nova Nova Chemicals Ultrapolymers PS/PS-SB
Novablend Novalca MTG Deutschland PC/ABS
Novakral Novalca MTG Deutschland ABS
Novakril Novalca MTG Deutschland SAN
Novalloy Daicel z.Zt. nicht bek. ABS/PC
Novalux Novalca MTG Deutschland PC
Novamid DSM z.Zt. nicht bek. PA6
Novamide Novalca MTG Deutschland PA
Novaplen Novalca MTG Deutschland PP
Novaprene Novaco Brenntag TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Novarex Mitsubishi MEP Europe GmbH PC
Novaryl Novalca MTG Deutschland PPO
Novastir Novalca MTG Deutschland PS
Novex Ineos Polyolefins Biesterfeld PE
Novodur Ineos Styrolution Albis ABS
Novolen LyondellBasell Albis PP
Novolen LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Novolux LA/ES Optistyle GmbH PC/ABS
Nylaforce Brenntag Brenntag PA
Nylatron DSM Nexeo Solutions PA
Nylex Multibase Multibase PA/PP
Nylfor Softer Bigler PA
Nylind DuPont z.Zt. nicht bek. PA
Nylon Hoechst/Celanese z.Zt. nicht bek. PA
Nypel BASF z.Zt. nicht bek. PA
Okiten Dioki Sellcon-Polymers PE
OnFlex S PolyOne PolyOne/Bergmann TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
OnFlex U PolyOne PolyOne/Bergamnn TPU
OnFlex V PolyOne PolyOne/Bergmann PP-EPDM
Orgalloy Arkema Arkema PA/PE
Orgalloy Arkema Bigler PA/PE
Orgalloy Arkema Resinex PA/PE
Oromid Rhodia Nexeo Solutions PA
P-Blend Putsch Putsch PC/ABS
P-Flex Putsch Putsch ABS
Panlite Teijin Feddersen PC
Panlite Teijin PTS PC
ParaStar Eastman Eastman PET
Pearlthane Merquinsa Danquinsa TPU
Pebax Arkema Bigler TPE-A (Polyamid)
Pebax Arkema Atofina TPE-A (Polyamid)
Pebax Arkema Resinex TPE-A (Polyamid)
Peek Optima Victrex Victrex PAEK
Pellethane DOW Nexeo Solutions TPU
Pellethane DOW Resinex TPU
Pellethane DOW Stahl Plast TPU
Pentamid Pentac Pentac PA
Petlon Petlon Polymers z.Zt. nicht bek. PET
Petra BASF NordmanRassmann PETP
Phoenoprene Phönix Phönix PP-EPDM
Pibiflex So.F.Ter Chemie-Plast TPC
Pibiflex P-Group Tekuma TPE-E (Polyether/ester)
Pibiflex P-Group Megapolymers TPE-E (Polyether/ester)
Pibifor So.F.Ter Bigler PBT
Pibiter So.F.Ter Chemie-Plast PBT
Pibiter P-Group Tekuma PBT
Pibiter P-Group Megapolymers PBT
Pibiter E P-Group z.Zt. nicht bek. PET
Pibiter HI P-Group z.Zt. nicht bek. PBT/PC
Piolen Pio Kunststoffe Pio PP Compounds
Plexalloy Evonik Ter Plastics PMMA/ABS
Plexiglas Evonik Ter Plastics PMMA
Plexiglas Brenntag Brenntag PMMA
Pleximid Evonik Ter Plastics PMMI
Plustek Polyram Goldmann versch. Thermoplaste
Pocan Lanxess Albis PBT
Polidux Polidux (Repsol YPF) Polidux ABS
Polidux Polidux (Repsol YPF) Polidux SAN
Poliform Aquafil AquafilPolymers POM
Polilux LA/ES Optistyle GmbH PC
Polimid A Poliblend S.P.A. Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PA66
Polimid B Poliblend S.P.A. Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PA6
Politeno Politeno z.Zt. nicht bek. PE
Politer Poliblend S.P.A. Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH PBT
Polyabs Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. ABS
Polyasa Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. ASA
Polyblend Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. PC/ABS
Polychim Polychim Schulman PP
Polyclear Invista Bigler PET
Polycom Polyplast Müller Polyplast Müller PP Compounds
Polycompound Westensee+Partner Westensee+Partner PP Compounds
Polyelast Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. TPE
Polyfast Ravago Resinex ASA
Polyfill Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. PP Compounds
Polyflam Schulman Schulman versch. Thermoplaste
Polyflon Daikin Daikin Europe Fluorpolymere
Polyfor Softer Bigler PP Compounds
Polyform Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. POM
Polyfort Schulman Schulman PP Compounds
Polylac Chi Mei Biesterfeld ABS
Polylac Chi Mei Westensee+Partner ABS
Polylac Chi Mei Westensee+Partner MABS
Polylan PolyTherm Ter Plastics TPU
Polyloy EMS EMS PA
Polylux Schulman Schulman MABS
Polylux Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. PC/PBT
Polyman Schulman Schulman versch. Thermoplaste
Polymaster Westensee+Partner Westensee+Partner PP Compounds
Polyplex Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. PMMA
Polyram Polyram Goldmann versch. Thermoplaste
Polyrex Chi Mei Biesterfeld PS
Polyrex Chi Mei Westensee+Partner PS
Polysan Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. SAN
Polysan PolyTherm Ter Plastics TPE
Polyshield Invista Bigler PET
Polyshine Polykemi Polykemi Deutschl. PBT
Polystyrene Nova Chemicals Ultrapolymers PS/PS-SB
Polystyrol Ineos Styrolution Albis PS/PS-SB
Polystyrol Ineos Styrolution Biesterfeld PS/PS-SB
Ponacom Valueplast Valueplast versch. Thermoplaste
Ponacom Ponachem Ponachem versch. Thermoplaste
Ponaflex Valueplast Valueplast TPE-S (SBS, SEBS, SEPS)
Ponalen Valueplast Valueplast PP
Ponamid Valueplast Valueplast PA
Pre-Elec Premix Westensee+Partner versch. elektr. leitf. Compounds
Preadd Premix Westensee+Partner versch. Compounds
Preseal Premix Westensee+Partner versch. elektr. leitf. Compounds
Primalene Audia Plastics Nexeo Solutions PP
Primef Solvay Specialty Polymers Solvay Specialty Polymers PPS
PRO-amid PRO-plast GmbH PRO-plast GmbH PA
PRO-bonat PRO-plast GmbH PRO-plast GmbH PC
Pro-fax LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
PRO-pom PRO-plast GmbH PRO-plast GmbH POM
Procom LyondellBasell Feddersen PP Compounds
Provista Eastman z.Zt. nicht bek. PETG
Pryltex Arkema Schulmann PP Compounds
Pulse Styron Nexeo Solutions PC/ABS
Pulse Styron Resinex PC/ABS
Purell LyondellBasell Ultrapolymers PP
Purell LyondellBasell Albis PP