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Terminology/supplied form

PRO-plast uses clear terminology relating to the forms in which the polymer raw material will be supplied.

Terminology relating to polymer raw materials, particularly those referring to recyling materials, can be varied and inconsistent. Hence terminology used by PRO-plast Kunststoff GmbH is regulated to avoid misunderstandings. In such a way we hope to contribute to clarity in the identification of materials, particularly recyclates.

Virgin material (virgin)
OR = Original branded materials, prime
OR-NT = Original branded materials, off spec/off grade

e.g. Makrolon 2805, Noryl GFN2, Zytel ST801, Ultramid B3S.
This code is used for single lots of virgin material of raw material producers.
These goods are as a rule originally packed, including label, lot number, etc. Rarely repacked in neutral packaging.

TT Compound® (wide spec)

e.g. TT Compound® PC GF30 black
TT-Coppound is a PRO-plast brand for low cost, compounded engineering plastics with slightly different properties than the corresponding virgin grades.


Regranulates are pellets made from recovered melt (regranulation by extrusion). Starting material is mostly regrind, but also virgin material. As a rule, no additives are used. Amounts of pigments, stabilizers and lubricants may however be added.

RP = Regranulate with indication of brand name and color

e.g. RP ex Dupolan 8205, grey 11/349
If the brand name and color number are specified, the regranulate has been made exclusively from the corresponding grade of raw material with the specified color and without having added additives.

RP = Regranulate with indication of brand name and color, but without color number

e.g. RP ex Dupolan 8205, black
This regranulate was made exclusively from the specified grade but may have been colored into black because of different colors of thr starting material.

RP = Regranulate with indication of material group

e.g. RP PC GF20, black
This means that the regranulate was made of compatible grades/types of the same material. It may also be possible that a material with 30% glass fibre was mixed with unreinforced material of the same group. The resulting pellets have a glass-fibre content of e.g. 20%.


For safety reasons, a magnetic sieve should be placed in the feed hopper during the processing of regrind/regranulate of any kind. This will ensure that hard, magnetic metals will be kept away from cylinders or nozzles. Processing parameters for the use of 100% recyclate are easier to find than for the use of blends of recyclate and virgin material.

Important notice

The preceding information, as well as all other information and advice provided either directly or indirectly in electronic, written or oral form, is provided to the best of our knowledge at that point in time. They should be viewed as reference without obligation, also with regards to the legal rights of third parties. The onus remains on the purchaser to carry out his/her own verifications. Moreover, the selection, processing and usage of the raw materials remain the responsibility of the customer.


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