100% Commitment to Customers and Suppliers!

Welcome to PRO-plast, what can we do for you? Do you want our advice – perhaps in selecting and sourcing high quality yet inexpensive plastic raw materials? Or would you like to sell unused surplus quantities you no longer need?

Either is fine! Whenever you have a question about purchasing or selling obsolete resins, re-granulates or regrind, we are here for you with commitment and useful information around plastics. For a long time we evolved from a “Surplus Resin exchange” into a highly reputed information hub. At PRO-plast we not only connect supply and demand but also questions with answers, knowledge with partners.

We don’t just buy and sell, we can also advise you on all aspects of supply, disposal, cost effectiveness and much more. We are delighted to help you making decisions. Whether you want to buy or sell. Feel free to contact us by email or by telephone.