Your marketplace of plastic raw materials trading!

PRO-plast helps to support converters and the environment by specializing in reselling surplus materials and regrinds. Nothing goes to waste: what one enterprise does not need is often a highly valued commodity to another! But everyone needs a place where supply and demand converge: a well established, independent marketplace of opportunities.

More than 30 years of experience speaks for us, our wealth of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of plastic raw materials trading. Established in 1985 PRO-plast occupies a leading position in this segment of the European market. We are focused on bringing Technical, High-Tech and TPE/TPU plastics to market by trading and providing quality tested re-granulates after reworking and TT-Compounds.

PRO-plast’s “GELBE LISTE” appears every third month and it has become synonymous with comprehensive offering of plastic raw materials from surplus virgin, re-granulates and regrinds. Our regularly published catalogue and our internet marketplace both feature about 3,000 ready-to-deliver lots of resins, a treasure trove for cost-conscious plastics processors.